Soleil Global (SG) , formerly the Global Syndicate, is a “for purpose” 501(c)(3) organization uniting engaged global citizens to empower communities through innovative, affordable and sustainable energy solutions. Since inception, SG has focused its humanitarian efforts on Haiti with our Light Up the World project.

SG’s current focus is on distributing solar-powered lights to households in Haiti that are not connected to the grid. Lack of access to electricity has drastic consequences for economic development, health, safety, education, and the environment. Many families are forced to use dangerous, dirty and expensive kerosene lamps or candles.   Soleil Global is currently concentrating on distributing solar powered lights throughout Haiti to Light Up the World on families that live in darkness. As our Light Up the World project expands throughout Haiti we will give updates on our website and twitter page accordingly. Stay tuned during this exciting period of growth for Soleil Global!

While initially launched in Haiti, the current campaign aims to eventually extend its reach across the entire developing world.